Introducing our annual newsletter

Introducing Our Annual Newsletter

We have never once managed to get out a family holiday card, so why would I think we could do a full-on four panel roll brochure newsletter??

Well, I’m nuts. But When our daughter was born at the end of 2021, I felt a satisfying sense of completion family-wise, and I really wanted to start a tradition of sending an annual update to friends and family.

And because I’m me, a simple holiday greeting from one of those awesome websites like minted wasn’t going to cut it.

My good friend and fellow designer Molly McCoy sends an amazing holiday card every year that plays with unexpected cuts to create surprising shapes. She introduced me to the Fold factory’s fold of the week and watching their weekly videos highlighting creative print design is one of my joys.

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  1. We loved the new Happy New Years card and we’ve even heard rave reviews from friends who also got one. You are insanely clever Jen and your creations are so fun to experience. Thank you.

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