RIP Lucid Dreams

I’ve written a few posts in the past… Turbomode and Turbomode Take Two.

Life sometimes levels up. Shit gets super crazy and insane for a year or two… and then it dies down.

But now I have a kid. And I want another one. So I know, rationally, that this Turbomode has a shelf life of 14 or so years. It is not going to let up.

Somehow after having a baby, I can no longer sit tight with all my ideas. It’s like they are bursting through. The actual feeling of them inside me, undone, is suffocating in a way it never has been. I’m confronted with a choice: do I create or do I sleep?

I love sleep.

I love sleep so much. I love good dreams. I love lucid dreams. My favorite thing to do while lucid dreaming is to take off flying, burst through the ceiling of whatever building I was in, soar through the air… and then dive deep into the sea. I love to swim and I love to fly.

You know when lucid dreaming happens? In the late morning. When you’re in super deep sleep. My love of lucid dreaming and long sleeps is probably the reason that I’ve stuck it out running my own company for so long. A flexible schedule. A schedule that adapts to your love of lucid dreaming.

You know whose schedule doesn’t adapt to your love of lucid dreaming? Kids. My kid, anyway.

Every morning I fight getting up. I start every goddamn day by fighting getting up.

This has to end.

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