Goodbye Volume Three…Hello Volume Four!

It’s that time again…the time to bid farewell to one of young Jen’s diaries and begin another.

Volume Three flew by in a wave of tears and disappointment. Poor 12-year-old Jennifer still had no boobs and no boyfriend!

Volume Four promises to continue this story arch, but with a big dose of Lion King. Best friend Emily and 12-year-old Jennifer were busy collecting Lion King trading cards and other paraphrenelia with a frenzy!

This Journal belongs to Jennifer Heller. From July 10, 1994 to February 22, 1995.

The next seven months of entries are not nearly as on-theme as the intro pages.

Indeed, the choice of Lion King diary was an interesting one. It’s suiting that Nala is gazing so ardently at Simba…the way I must have spent every waking hour staring at the boys in my classes and wishing desperately that one would like me back.

No surprise they didn’t! Poor 12-year-old Jennifer had not learned the valuable lesson that desperation begets…well…more desperation.

Also worth noting is that this is the first diary has a lock!

Oh yes, no one should ever read the secrets contained in these pages!!

Yet the opening entry begins…

Hi! This is the place where I record just about everything important that happens to me. Right now, I’m in the summer vacation between 7th and 8th grade.

My bestest friend, Becky M., lives in Texas. But right now she’s here in Pleasanton with me. At this moment, she’s staying with my other best friend, Emily D.

Read on…

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