The wp_postmeta Table is a Sexy Beast

The longer I work with WordPress, the more I love it. There’s something about knowing something so inside and out that makes you all the more fond of it.

The farther I dig into custom themes, post types, design…the more I have started having to get down and dirty with the actual MySQL database where all the content for a WordPress website is stored.

It gets super geeky, and there’s no need to go into any level of detail. But this sort of detail-oriented digging tends to make one punchy…which led to this:

I just imagined the two of us in a sordid love triangle…I’m calling my boyfriend, “oooh I have to stay late…I haven’t gotten this functionality to work.” Meanwhile the wp_postmeta table is kissing my neck and massaging my back. I’m digging in deeper to find the slug for the custom data I need displayed…he’s asking me on a ski weekend.

What did I tell you? Punchy.

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4 thoughts on “The wp_postmeta Table is a Sexy Beast

  1. I never imaged that a google search for “WordPress wp_postmeta table” would lead me to such an interesting site!  And, to paraphrase an old saying, just because you’re a megalomaniac doesn’t mean you aren’t really omnipotent.

    • @richard So glad you found the site interesting. 🙂 I have searched for the wp_postmeta table myself. Glad to add to the variety on the Internet.
      YES!! I’M OMNIPOTENT!! You are a man after my own heart, Richard.

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