I wanted to run the track to just run away form my problems.

Today was better, although this morning I wanted to run the track to just run away form my problems. Unfortunately it’s been raining and the track was flooded.   I hope we get to run tomorrow!

Especially since I have a major trouble.  Jeff admitted to liking me (says Cassie) and flirted with me through block.  I tried to avoid all talking w/ him.  I only had to sit by him for 79 minutes (8th graders are taking CLAS testing and the scedules are fucked up). Tomorrow I have to avoid him for four hours!  I have a plan though.  I’m going to get Alexis to ask me about this new guy I supposedly like.  I’ll give him a name – we’ll describe him as total different than Jeff so Jeff’ll get discouraged and won’t ask me out! Nothing happened w/ Robbie although Cassie, Natalie and Lex are still set on our going out!

Tomorrow’s Alexis’ last day.  I used to be a little glad she was moving.  But now Alexis and I are getting along I don’t want her to move!  I won’t miss her bosiness or temper but I will miss having her at our table in block and our friendship.

Couldn’t just part of her (the bad part) move?

I’m going to miss you, Alexis!

(We’ll keep in touch!)

(my pen ran out of ink!)

A nice end to a relationship fraught with petty name-calling, eh?

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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