Yes, Mom took me bra shopping on Tues! It was the most hellish day in my life!

Happy Cinqo de Maio (?)!

I haven’t written cause there hasn’t been anything to write about.  Yesterday Jeff got the idea tha Wes wasn’t real!  He started spreading rumors about me going out with a non-existent guy!  Can you believe this guy?  Of course I told Wes about this and Wes is going to call Jeff (compliments of Nikki N.) to prove his existence.   Then I’ll be able to laugh in Jeff’s face!

I can’t wait till the dance tomorrow! Unfortunately it’s the last dance of the year!  I bought a new outfit that all together probably cost about $70!  I only spent about $30! I bought the skirt Mom bought the shirt, sliip and bra.  Yes, Mom took me bra shopping on Tues!  It was the most hellish day in my life! But it’s over with! Thank GOD! Up until now I’ve been wearning one hiding it from the parental units.  it was very hard but I lived and then I lived through the shopping although I don’t know how!

I really miss Wes! To me, Wes isn’t fictional anymore.  He’s real and he’s out there – I just need to find him!  It’s depressing!  Chow for now!  (I’m a poet + I know it)

A made up boyfriend! Thoughts?

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