Call them “Baby”

Once upon a time I was promiscuous college student with all the behavior one would expect from a promiscuous college student. To that end, I accidentally called my lover by the wrong name one night.

I’m not proud of it, but it happened….and it is pretty funny in retrospect.

I shared this story with my coworkers at the time, and Betsy said, “That’s why you call them ‘Baby.'” Pure gold.

Today I sent an email to the right person and called them the wrong name. Can I help it if I’m juggling a great many clients just at this juncture??*

She called me on it and it was terribly embarrassing. I’m thinking that from now, I address all emails, “Hi there”. Why the “there”?? Why not?**

*I need some help, man. Or to only accept larger projects.

**No really, I want your opinion.

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