Everything was so alike yet so different.

Tonight was the band concert. It wasn’t quite the same w/o Becky. Last concert, after we played, Becky and I sat together and someone was tapping us on the shoulders the entire time. It was so fun. Tonight I looked around the gym and everything was the same. Mom and Dad sat in their same places, as always. The only difference was the school banner said 93/94 instead of 92/93. And Becky wasn’t there. The Jazz Bank played “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer again. My dad told me to meet him in the same spot as we have been in the past.

Everything was so alike yet so different. Becki R. didn’t have a broken arm… Amy V., Andrew C., Scott G. and alot more were in the Symphonic Band, we were in concert… Becky’s mom wasn’t video taping us… I wasn’t having a good time talking to Becky — instead Emily was telling me to shut up…

Becky wasn’t there!

I wish she was… I would have gone home w/ her or the other way around, we would have had a good laugh at my breaking my sunglasses, the night and the whole year would have been different. I’ll never find another Becky.

Were you a band geek? Do you remember your middle school band concerts?

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  1. In this entry: Becky McKinley Banda, Amy Vickerman Pastorino, Rebecca Hunter, Andrew Chan, Emily Hardy. Remember that 7th grade concert guys?

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