I think she’s capable of doing anything when she’s that mad!

Hi! I’m sitting around with Emily. I HATE Alexis.

Yesterday at Natalie’s b-day party, I had a great time. Alexis wasn’t being especially bitchy or anything. She was just acting sort of… well I geuss you could say she was ignoring me, but she did try to talk to me a few times. She was doing a pretty good job of acting like it was okay between us until we were on out way home from the movie theatre. Erika H. called me some stupid name and I turned my head upside down so I could see her in the seat behind me. Alexis was also sitting behind me. From my position, (upside-down) I could see both Erika and Alexis. I glanced at Alexis and for the split second I was watching her, I saw that she was glaring at me. I swear, her eyes were narrowed and her lips were puckered up. I think she’s capable of doing anything when she’s that mad!

I wonder what I’d say if Mike would ask me out. Of course I’d say yes but how? I don’t want to act totally deperate by jumping for it. Then again, I don’t want to act like it’s no big deal because it is!

Earlier Emily was playing a tape of sixth-grade songs. We were going through this whole thing about what a great person Becky was (and still is). I swear, it was depressing. I really miss her. I was talking about her non-stop this morn. We were (me, Mom + Dad) were eating turkey and I went into a thing about how Becky always liked dark meat best. I think I’d rather have her here with us fighting than not have her here at all.

I think the thing that really bugged me about her leaving was that she left while she was mad at me. Earlier in the year she swore to me that if we were fighting when she moved she’d call and make up so we weren’t fighting. LIAR!!!

I’m just kidding but it really hurt. Becky had her faults but I’m glad she’s my best friend and I love her anyways. It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…

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