I’ve never been hugged by a guy.

HAPPY Thanksgiving!

I wonder what it would be like to have a boyfriend. I mean, would he walk with you to your classes? Would he give you a hug when you leave each other? God, I hope so. I’ve never been hugged by a guy. That’s because I have no real guy friends. I have some but not good friends.

Dad gave me the stereo system that was in the Computer Room. I asked for it last night, but I wasn’t serious. Now I have it! It’s so much nicer than the old little one I had before.

Tomorrow’s Natalie’s party. I hope Alexis isn’t a bitch. She will be anyway, since it’s her natural behaviour. She come from a long line of bitches. I bet her mom’s a bitch, her gradma’s a bitch and so on. I’ll bet.

I was thinking that one time when me and Alexis are going to have a really big fight, I’ll have to me going out w/ Mike for more than two weeks. That way I can say, “At least I can keep my boyfriends for more than two weeks!” I swear she’s afraid of an realationship. I read in YM that if a girl is quick to insult her ex, she wants him back. And at the drop of a pin she’ll insult Jeff and Roger. She’s such a loser.

She’s inhuman, I swear. She beats up people for the hell of it. I mean really. Okay, so it’s okay to be able to beat someone up. But when you make a spectacle of it, like she does, it’s boring. Daily she says she’ll beat up Jared I after school. Once while we were walking to 3°, she chased Keorber and kicked his backpack. When I asked her why she did, she said “I don’t know. He’s a geek” She’s so cruel. She probably likes him.

Christy and Jessica like Jared W. What a geek. Back to my romance life or lack thereof…

He liked me last year. He didn’t ask me out. Why would he ask me out this year? I remember when I was doing my how-to speech, I had the whole class do it along w/ me. He didn’t get past the first step. I like him so much!

(That incident above was last year)

Even more about Alexis? You bet! And a romance life update!

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  1. Starring Jessica Patak, Christy Dunn, Jeff Manson, Natalie Darst and many wonderings about what it would be like to have a boyfriend.

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