NYC Midnight, Sami and Rafe

In an exhilarating turn of events, one of my New York City Midnight Flash Fiction Micro Challenge stories made it to the next round!!

They picked my favorite of my submissions (and possibly the only good one).  Inspired by the Sami-Rafe-Fake Rafe story line on Days of Our Lives, and lacking a closing period to fit into 100 characters:

“I’ll stand guard.” She knew he would, that she could count on him. It was the impostor she detested

Pretty good, right? Who could blame them for choosing me?

Now it’s up to my good friends on the Internet to catapult me to the next level!

Vote for me! (it’s over now…)

And now some ridiculously gratuitous Sami and Rafe photos and trivia:

Sometimes they just can't keep their hands off of each other. The first time Sami slept with Fake Rafe (the imposter), she felt like it was "the first time."

This scene included product placement for Chex Mix. Mmmm.

The portmaneau for Sami and Rafe is "Safe". Ridiculous eh?

You could think of a better portmanteau, huh?

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