Of Airports, Showers and the Elite

Airports have been on my mind lately, possibly because I had this trip planned.

We were supposed to have a one hour lay over in Frankfurt, which wound up being taken over by our late flight, passport stamping, and running to the gate.

While pondering our itenerary, it occurred to me what every airport needs: a place to pay $20 and take a shower.  Am I right or am I right?

I mentioned this to friends and they pointed out that many of the Elite programs airlines offer include showers.  Now I don’t know how they know this because I don’t think they’ve ever been inside one of those lounges, but it sounded right so I believed it.

I do think that there’s a market for economy showers at international airports and if you have a spare couple million, we should talk.

I noticed while we were checking in this morning that a few of the check in stations boasted beautiful flower arrangements.  For their elite, of course.

Post security, I noticed the entryway to these Elite Lounges.  I would just love to see what goes on in there!

The sign reads "United Airlines Red Carpet Club", "Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge", and "EVA Airways Evergreen Lounge".

Red Carpet Club?  Silver Kris Lounge?  Evergreen Lounge?  I bet those travelers lucky enough to frequent these oases don’t notice anything but the name of the airline and the luxurious entry way, no matter how many dollars went into the branding.

Can you picture someone saying something like, “Oh no, honey, let’s fly Singapore Airlines.  That Silver Kris Lounge is much more my style.  Not like that United Airline’s Red Carpet Club.  What are we movie execs?”

It remind me of fundraising.  You have to come up with a unique way to describe your various levels — in this case the level of people who fly with you so often you are willing to basically pay them for showing up.  It’s somehow necessary and yet seemingly wasteful.

And isn’t their choice of names rather hilarious.  Evergreen? Really?

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