to do to do to do to do

I’ve just arrived in Berlin on my first vacation in three years.  Now don’t get me wrong; I’ve taken a few long weekends to camp or visit family, and I long ago instituted a rule where I  don’t work on Sundays.  But other than that, running Artsy Geek pretty much rules my  life.

When Will and I made plans for this European vacation at the beginning o fthe year, I had an anxious feeling in my stomach.  It’s not that I didn’t want to go; I wanted to go more than anything.  But I was terrified about how I would afford it and whether I would find myself working frantically on the train as the vistas passed me by unappreciated.

I decided that I was going to see what happened, and hope for a solution.  I knew that I had friends that I could trust to keep an eye on the business if need be, and I tried to relax and pray for the best.

The best came.  Last month I officially acquired a business partner at Artsy Geek whose skill set is a wonderful compliment to mine.  Icing on the cake–he’s a good writer and has an amazing attention to detail! Thank you Jonathan Bair for stepping into my life, and saving me from the solopreneur’s fate of no vacations, no rest, no relaxation. Or so I hope.

Even with Jonathan on board to take everything over while I was gone, the last two weeks have been a blur of preparation.  I  decided that I was not going to check my work or personal email for the length of the trip, and reacquaint myself with life before 2008 when I made the New Years Resolution to utilize technology better and acquired my first smart phone.

We went over everything; I created multiple spreadsheets to organize the information.  My every breath was spent ensuring our clients would be well informed and well taken care of while I was away.

I mentioned to my friend Corrie how much work it was to take a vacation.  She said that it wasn’t uncommon to work 80 hour work weeks before a trip.  What a life!  I mentioned to one of our clients, Michele of Michele’s [awesome] Granola, and she said she frequently stays up very late the night before a vacation.  It’s the fate of a small business owner!

As I pounded through my immense to do lists up until the very last second before we had to run to the airport, I cursed this vacation for putting me through these few weeks. I swore off future vacation.

As I let go of all those to dos, exhale the fire that kept me going when sleep was not an option and thank my lucky stars that Jonathan is keeping track of Artsy Geek, it’s already worth it.  I can’t remember the last time I was so relaxed.

And oh the adventure the next two weeks will bring!!!

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