Oh the joy Twitter can bring!

I was just super stoked to check my email and find that somehow, somewhere, during the night Thaao Phenglis followed me (ME!) on Twitter.

This is the man who played Tony and Andre (often in the same scene) on Days of Our Lives. I loved his elegance, his mystery, and his perfect combination of good and evil. The sexy accent was an added plus.

When Tony and estranged brother John Black made up underneath a sinking ship it changed my life. No longer did I fight with my little sister over things so dumb as who’s turn it was to do the dishes. If Tony and John Black can be on good terms, so can me and my sister!

Who enters a room on a horse! Tony does! And Thaao too, obviously.

That’s a fact.

And that romantic dance between him and Silent Sami after Stefano pushed Sami through the glass door and she lost her voice? That was brilliant. I was rooting for them. I was always rooting for Tony. Even as he lay on his deathbed sometime in the past couple years, and the writer finally did him in. Or did they?

I hadn’t even dreamt that Thaao Phenglis would be sharing the same Internet with me — let alone the Twitter-verse!! It had never occurred to me to look for and follow him, and yet, he had followed me!

I went to my followers page to follow him back. He wasn’t listed as my followers.

Oh what did I do Thaao? What did I tweet to make the time you followed me so brief? Nothing? Did my silence offend you? Pretend that I am Sami and I have a scarf around my neck and take me on a picnic. Or just follow me once again. It would make my day!


He is actually following me!! The Twitter website must have misled me!  Today is a day to write home about!!

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3 thoughts on “Oh the joy Twitter can bring!

  1. amazing! remember when he was killed by a tiger (but not really) during the salem stalker story arc? what am i saying, of course you remember, it is seared on our brains forever! i’m so proud of you.

    thanks for the heads up about friendster too, i have downloaded my profile and it is pretty tremendous.

  2. The Salem Stalker story arc is one of my all time favorites. ALL TIME. The tidal wave on the way back to Real Salem? Heaven.

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