Goodbye Friendster

I join the Internet in mourning Friendster this week as the news propagates that Friendster will be taking down user’s photos, blogs and more as of May 31.

Friendster was the first social networking site I joined, and my profile remains a perfect glimpse into 2006 Jennifer.

Lucky for me–and for you–Friendster is allowing us to export our profiles via the Friendster Exporter app.

Also lucky for me–and for you–I have a website where I can store this little bit of nostalgia for the rest of time. So check out my 2006 Friendster profile. Laugh at my brilliant About Me:

In algebraic terms, I’m a leo, dramatic and strong willed, yet fragile, like a flower petal. Like a flower petal, if the flower petal squared minus twelve times the lion’s roar equals the cube root of my fagility multiplied by twelve times my drama.

And, like many of us…I’m just trying to get by in this cold hard post-college existence. What am I really doing? Who am I really? Questions like this permeate my entire existence, keeping me from actually applying myself to this passive income scheme my aunt naively believes could actually work. Seriously, the time to make money in real estate was fifteen years ago. You know those signs on the side of the road that say “I buy houses”? yeah, well, I need to make one of those signs. and what’s going to make my sign stand apart from the others? It’ll be flourescent! oh wait, I’ve seen flourescent “I buy houses” signs. Well… maybe we can take this as a metaphor for life. But if you’re ever looking to sell, remember your friendsters…

…and for all your cleaning needs, I can now get you and your family great deals on PVA sponges and mops. They last for years – they’re machine washable – I even bleach mine.

And join me! Email me your exported Friendster profile, and we can continue our 2006 Friendster friendness* here at

I’ll interlink our profiles and we can pretend like this whole 2011-Friendster-trying-to-actually-make-a-profit-and-is-turning-into-some-weird-social-gaming-platform thing never happened. Who’s in?

*The word “friend” just started looking really really weird. You know how that happens sometimes?

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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