New Garage

I jumped at the chance to rent one of the garages in my building after my downstairs neighbors moved out last month.

It came coated in dirt and cobwebs.

Lucky for me I had one of those long-handled duster/cobweb-getters.  They really are effective!

We inherited this awesome vintage poster.  It marks the Will-only section of the garage.

When we spotted this, we saw our former neighbors in a new light.

By the time I had finished sweeping the walls, ceiling and the floor, I was basically coated in dirt and grime.  Mmmm.  How do leaves get in a garage anyway??

Shawnathan was very interested in our new space.

Of the conflicting plans I have for the space, I think the movie studio / Tupperware shop will win.  It’s just not practical to run a bar out of a garage, and Will can make room for all of his books with among the green screen and lights.  And we’ll still have room to coat one wall in records we don’t like or listen to.

For now we’re just happy to have it.  Happier than pictured here, I promise.

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