I’m pretty comfortable with guys. But still they tell me I’m blushing.

I am popular. I think. I’ve spent the past 4 days entirely with Becky. After tonight I feel closer to her than I have ever felt.

I called a guy. Roger. It was cool. Not hard at all; not like I thought. He’s going out with Alexis. What does she have that I don’t? I’ve liked him all year. Now I have self confidence though.

We’re just friends. Roger want kiss Alexis. Alexis told him that she’d slap him if he tryed so Roger won’t kiss even hug hug him.

I’m getting a C+ in PE. I never thought I’d stoop so low. The thing was I didn’t even care.

Also a B in Language. Steve W.’s been flirting with me. He stopped because Andy noticed. I’ve also liked Andy.

God I wish I could talk to Ryan. The thing is he’s never around. He’s so small, quiet. I want to be friends.

I felt so sorry for Jason today. He’s so unpopular. He has no friends. None. Not even 1. Everyone has 1 friend. He picked a fight with Roger and got Roger in trouble. In front of Alexis. I couldn’t believe it. It is so pathetic. Jason is friends with Mrs. Winter. Nobody likes Mrs. Winter.

I’m pretty comfortable with guys. But still they tell me I’m blushing. Steve W. tells me that. Pat tells me I play the flute weird + Pat tells me I bite my nails. I know it’s all true, but still to have it pointed out by guys?

Everyone in GS teases me about playing the flute. I’m quitting. What’s the use if none of my friends are in it.

God I want to be friends with Amy and be part of the group she’s in. But that will never happen. I see Steve L. around sometimes. No biggie. He’s still cute + all but he got an earriung.

I’m friends with Steve B. + he has an earring but he looks good with it. How come all my guy friends are named Steve? It is so wierd I swear.

Roger tried to set one person from my group up with his friend Sean. We suggested Ana.

Craig used to like me. Cortney told me so. Craig is cute but he is not someone I’d like.

I can’t wait for my first kiss. There is no sixth grader worthy of that though.

I need to get big fast. I’m still a board.

I have to do an extra credit report on track + field to raise my PE grade. It’s due Wednesday. Spring break starts this Friday. I can’t wait.

I’m redoing my room. It’ll be cool. I wish my phone would come. It’s on my divine plan, so how come I still don’t have it.

Last night I went to sleep at 2am. I slept the day away. Gotta go get some sleep.

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