Tina Tamale – a woman after my own heart

I love (loooove) parties, and once in awhile I meet a party that makes me envious. I met one last November and another one this past Saturday.

Tina Tamale throws herself a big ass birthday party every year. Now, if that wasn’t enough to make us automatically bff (Jenfest anyone?), the name Tina Tamale is actually her alter ego/brand.  I’ve always wanted an alter ego, but never had the inspiration to enact one.  (Though perhaps my nom de plume Susiejster worked for awhile…)

This year, Tina’s birthday party was held at the gorgeous Disco Volante, and–the part that makes me the most envious–the party was planned by someone who wasn’t her! She just said, I want to dress up and dance to good music.

Boom. Tina Tamale gets her wish! Awesome venue (stained glass throughout), awesome band (The Bitter Honeys — soulful, original music reminiscent of the sixties and pictured above in amazing sequined gowns).

So, yeah, anyone who wants to sign up to plan Jenfest 2011 the Guerrilla Bike In Movie, send an email to jenfest@jenniferheller.com.  I’ll love you forever.  Just like Tina Tamale.  It’s so wonderful to live in a world with other people also obsessed with huge birthday parties.  It makes me feel at home.

Speak up peeps.

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