I really enjoyed the deal you gave me on my Canon SD 1000 two and a half years ago.  Such a great little machine and such a great price.

Even though I was bummed that it finally kicked the bucket after getting wet on the way to the Prince concert, I knew you would have my back.  I checked your prices.  They hadn’t budged from the 2009 prices proving what I knew: that the Canon SD 1000 is a solid companion of a digital camera.

I added it to my shopping cart.  I snap photos all day long–I can’t be without a camera for long.  “Check out”, I tell your website, “check out.”  Nothing happens.  Again and again.

I tried the next day and when your website still wouldn’t take my money, I emailed you begging you to take my order. You didn’t respond so I called.  The operator greeted me with the nail in the coffin of my refurbished camera dreams: your number is no longer service.

And yet your website still tantalizes me with affordable prices on refurbished electronics.

Not cool,, not cool.

Jennifer Heller

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