Three Hundred Dollar Mistakes, again

I wrote when I was a younger person about my two Three Hundred Dollar Mistakes.

Since then, I have made a number of other Three Hundred Dollar Mistakes, due mainly to my dutifully trusting instincts. Every time I make one, at least I get to laugh about adding it to the Three Hundred Dollar Mistakes list (sort of the opposite of a Bucket List, eh?).

Today I get to add another one to the list.  See, I develop all my websites using the AWESOME Thesis WordPress theme.  I take their simple design and transform it into whatever my heart desires, without ever having to worry about messing up any of WordPress’ necessary organs.  Thesis comes jam packed with SEO options making a WordPress site running Thesis your best bet to climb in Google organically (read: for free, not paid). The code underlying Thesis is so well-written that search-bots (rulers of Google rankings) love to visit and visit often. Anyway, I could go on, but the point of this post is not why you should use Thesis, or hire me to personalize your Thesis website for you.

The point is my mistake.  When I first discovered Thesis, I immediately recognized its usefulness and bought a Developer’s License for $164.  But I didn’t read the fine print.  I went about my life developing sites for myself and clients using Thesis, and only recently discovered the unfortunate truth: the Developer’s License is good for any domain I own, but client site licenses are sold separately.

I knew it had been too good to be true, but didn’t want to believe it.  Don’t worry Chris Pearson, developer of Thesis, I bought the licenses for the sites I have designed.  Happily, even.  As far as $300 mistakes go, at least the money supports one of the most awesome people and projects on the Internet.

Whatchu think?

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