Artsy Geek

Please celebrate with me the launch of my new communications and design company, Artsy Geek. Websites, branding, social media and more.

Now!  Or, two weeks ago.  You pick.


I never liked the name “Jennifer Heller Design & Dynamic Communications.”  Too long, for one thing.  Bad acronym (JHDDC) for another.


With Artsy Geek, I will quickly expand to incorporate the work of local artists/designers, geeks and other community members (we pay for referrals!) to establish a fun and vibrant design company.One day I hope we will operate out of one of those abandoned car dealerships down Broadway (Oakland, Ca) with an attached art gallery and perhaps coffee shop (looking for an investment opportunity? 😉 )

Now accepting accounts!

Are your communications looking dull?  Someone you know need help with their web presence?  Have Artsy Geek liven them up with a dash of pizazz!  Learn more at

Join the team!

I’m looking for people to work with!  Send me an email at for more info!


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