on the subject of blogging

I constructed jenniferheller.com with this grand scheme–to share my life, adventures, get-rich-quick schemes, challenges and triumphs to the world–while leaving room to complain about crappy marketing and challenging myself to come up with a better idea.

Now that jenniferheller.com is live, and I’m on the verge of releasing it to my friends, family and colleagues–I am noticing that I don’t actually know how to blog.  I know how to write, and rewrite, and rewrite again–I know how to think of great blog ideas.  (I am, indeed, quite a great idea machine.)  But I don’t know how to hit PUBLISH, because to me, the entry is never done.

So my commitment is this: to post something whenever I feel inclined, whether or not I think it’s even any good–not save a draft everyday.

My commitment is to give it a JenRating of some amount.  And to give you the opportunity to give it a JenFanRating of something or other.  That way we can work together to keep this interesting–and my challenge will be not taking it personally.

It’s an adventure!

Jenrating: blah

JenFanRating: coming soon!

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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