Lessons on Web Design

Today we finally went live with the site for Awakening Yourself Life Coaching.

When constructing this site we learned a valuable lesson–to test the design on one’s target market before fully implementing it. We had a design that both Nicole (my Life Coach and client) and I were completely in love with–but we were too close to it. We were therefore unable to see that it was too chaotic to really convey the message–that Nicole’s job as a Life Coach is to help you see practical steps to really help your life–that working with her will make you feel more grounded and centered, while energized and empowered.

We stopped, sacrificed some of the design elements we loved so much, revisited her mission and this is what we came up with: www.awakeningyourselfcoaching.com.

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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