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Who is going to be Jennifer’s Next Top Roommate(s)?

After a long year and a half I am bidding farewell to my roommate, and good friend, Julia. We have a beautiful two-bedroom apartment a seven minute’s walk from MacArthur Bart towards Piedmont. We’ve lived in this neighborhood forever—it’s a good neighborhood. When we saw the posting for our apartment on Craigslist we wondered what could possibly cost $1850 in our neighborhood. A two-bedroom for $1850?? Ridiculous. And that’s what it is. Ridiculous and beautiful.

The opening: The room is huge and you could put your bed in your walk-in closet if you wanted to. It gets beautiful morning light. It is bigger, and better than my room. We share a kitchen, a living room (both of which are adjacent to my room), a hallway, and a utility room where we keep the recycling, mop sink and one of two litterboxes. The bathroom has a closet that has another closet in it. We have a total of five walk-in closets!

About us: I am Jennifer of Jenfest. My male tabby cat is The Guster. He’s awesome. He eats twice a day, and won’t let you forget it. We share our home with a number of plants. We try to eat mainly organic, including meat. We have a Cusinart, but you have to watch the DVD before I will let you use it. I am great at making a blue cheese pecan dip. We compost and recycle everything possible. Trash is picked up on Fridays. I enjoy my recreational time (and intoxicants), but I work a lot. I have friends over rather a lot. Hopefully you would be a friend. I have a boyfriend who stays over about three nights a week. We keep the house clean and friendly. We have cable and wireless, which is $65/month shared.

About you: You are one or two people, independently wealthy, or otherwise gainfully employed. If you are two people, you are together willing to pay a negotiable larger share of rent due to size of the room, etc. You like to cook—or maybe you don’t. You’re interesting, and interested. You like to share stories. Maybe you have a cat or a dog (I would need to check with the landlord about the dog). It would be cool if you had a toaster oven. You like to cooperate and appreciate what comes out of working together. You pay rent on time. You may not know me already, but we will get along great. More than anything else, you want to live in a bomb-ass apartment with a fun and adventurous roommate.

Speak up peeps.

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