you see, ladies and gentleman

I’m a Leo. And a romantic.

Leo’s are both loyal and stubborn. They can be loyal to ideas, and stubbornly attached to people. They have a sense of devotion that a Capricorn could never understand. No offense! I don’t mean any. It’s more of a curse than a virtue, I assure you.

I have lingering devotion for friends who got married and populated who I haven’t spoken to in ten years. I wonder at night about these few friends from a lengthy one month sojourn in Britain.

And if that isn’t weird, I don’t know what is. But it’s simple, predictable.

At a young age, I learned an almost Pavlovian response to romance. Underlying this behavior was a devotion to the traditional American cultural beliefs about romance and relationships that everyone preaches. Yet no one is happy. Go figure.

And so I became devoted to romance. To the romantic. It’s why I watch soap operas. Why I go out on dates just for kicks. Why I fall in love again and again. And that, too, is simple and predictable.

The two of them together… inexplicable. Trouble, even. If I have strange devotions to romantic notions that are not based in reality, think of what I can do with what’s semi-real?!

It’s insane. But my stubborn loyalty will never give it up.

Speak up peeps.

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