you know blog

we have to talk about something.

I feel like, sometimes, you judge me. Yep, it’s true. I feel like, if I don’t write on you enough, you start to emit these really hateful vibes. Like, who are you, to think you can keep a blog alive and then watch as it barely even changes on a MONTH TO MONTH basis?!! What kind of mother will you be?!!!!! Would you want to live like that?!! Have some compassion, you HO!

Well, look blog. I’ve been cheating on you. I’ve been toying with various open source software options, and installing plugins to FireFox. I’m even considering installing Linux. And, of course, there’s mySpace. Ohhhh, my beloved mySpace.

Now, I know that we can all get along and you’re down with polyamory and all, but…

To be straight, you’re just not that high of a priority. Do you even know how slow I am at answering email? Let alone phone calls?!!

And you’re a little too public. I’m going to run for civic office one day, you know. We have to be realistic about things. I don’t think this is going to work out.

Unless, maybe, if we made you a wiki, and then I might never be ultimately responsible for your content?

Worth some follow up thinking, I’d say. Your thoughts, blog?

Whatchu think?

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