Dear Google,

I’m a big fan.

  • Google Maps satellite view enabled me to take a screenshot of my new apartment building. It’s a dome!! Seriously. It’s our dome sweet dome.
  • I recently put the code for Google Analytics in the company website, allowing me to track the usage of every link in a totally revolutionary and unique way!! And those graphs you provide are really easy to read and informative if I’m only looking for a quick overview.
  • Google Calendar changed my life. I now have thirteen different calendars–all different colors! Many are shared with my coworkers, friends and family. The important dates for my workplace are publicized on the web via a USCA Google Calendar. (Search for it! I keep it nicely up to date.) It’s the most effective and efficient way to share a schedule that’s ever been created. That might be quite a statement, but I’ll stand by it.
  • Gtalk has brought instand messaging back in my life! I forgot how much faster I type than talk. And I can IM multiple gmail users at once, making it even easier to keep in touch!
  • And gmail…with its infinite storage and easy search engine. You’ve got a great spam filter, and I really like and utilize the labels. I have a label for every money-making scheme I’m working on! Though I have to say, it is a little too difficult to get to everything you’ve ever labled a certain label if you don’t have something from that label right in front of you. You should look into doing something about that.

Now google, it’s my birthday today, and you know what I’d really like for my birthday? Not a pony or even a set of kitchen knives (which I really do need). For my birthday, I’d really like a Google Tasks. Each task would be a bubble on a blank page. They’ll resemble the appointments on Google Calendar, but you’ll be able to move them around and change their size and color to organize them in whatever way is intuitive and relevant to the tasks at the time! Like mutable magnets on a refridgerator, you can put the important ones on top–or in the middle–I’m going to use bright red to represent IMPERATIVE. And when you double-click on a task, it will open up a fresh refridgerator for decorating with all that task’s subtasks. And let’s also be able to put in pictures and websites as subtasks. Some of my tasks are websites. Like is a subset of the Bills task. My Bills Google Calendar is brown too.

I’d really appreciate your immediate attention to this matter. Google Tasks will be the last major tool I need to live my life powerfully and efficiently–in this, my twenty-sixth year and for each year thereafter. You see, I’d program it myself but it’d take me sooo long–even though I’m sure it’s just a bit of object oriented programming and a slick interface. Not that y’all aren’t geniuses, but you totally haven’t thought of this yet. Oooh, I know! I’ll throw in a discount on some tupperware? How about a chip bowl with a little salsa container that hangs on the side?

And you don’t even have to give me a precentage for using my idea. Just the convenience will be enough. And a share or two, of course.

Cooperatively yours,
Susie J.

P.S. Can you also help me create that my new dome-icile is available a week earlier? That’d be great.

Whatchu think?

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  1. I love Google ’cause my work blocks most groovy sites; but with Google, I just hit Cached and get to see anything that my work deems notorious.

  2. I love Google ’cause my work blocks most groovy sites; but with Google, I just hit Cached and get to see anything that my work deems notorious.

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