I deeply and completely love and accept myself

About an hour ago, I was a high strung rats’ nest of nerves. I saw my mother earlier today while in a similar condition, and she took the opportunity to impress on me once again a system she and my father and probably others call EFT. It involves saying “Even though [insert issue or deep seated resentment], I deeply and completely love and accept myself” over and over again while banging on different pressure points. They remind me that the sequence of pressure points forms a question mark–a handy, and, for me, personally relevant mnemonic.

I have a lot to deal with this week. (On Thursday I abandon my newly acquired practically full time job to sell sponges for nine days at a Home and Garden Show in Denver, Colorado.) And, I’ve been hearing about this miraculous technique for so long. Seriously. I’d confide about my relationship pains and all they’d pay me was a sidelong glance and, “If only you tried EFT.” Or I’d relate to them how so and so is stuck in rehab, and they’d remark on how much more effective rehab would be if it were to incorporate EFT.

So I incorporated EFT. I’d been harboring this deep resentment for myself every since I lost one of my favorite–and only!–pair of silver hoop earrings (they were the perfect weight!) while making out at the bar with total strangers!! Why oh why must I make out in bars and lose earrings?! I asked myself over and over again. After all, this wasn’t the first time such an incident has occurred. So I tried it, “Even though I lost one of my favorite silver hoop earrings while making out at a bar with strangers, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Over and over again as I banged against those pressure points.

And it worked!! Then I had a number of other issues to work on, and now I’m awfully sore. But that’s okay. It just gives me more to work on. “Even though I beat myself up letting go of my issues using the miraculous EFT technique, I still love and accept myself.”

It’s the easiest way to let go of addictions: Replace them with new, healthier ones.

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