Because Van Gogh My Pet dot com is still not up..

I post here.


I began painting pet portraits this past February after visiting a craft fair in Orange County. I saw a woman doing a lovely watercolor of a pet with a sign that said “Pet Portraits! For more info call…” I thought, OMG, I need a portrait of Gus BAD! But I was trying to quit my job, and saving money, and I wasn’t really all that into this woman’s style… or lack there of. So I decided that I was going to come home and figure out how to pain a Warhol-like version of the Guster. It came Van Gogh.

Behold my first Warhol My Pet, Andy:

I did it in Photoshop. If I REALLY wanted to, I am sure my friends at Yes Press would make me a screen of the dark layer and screen it onto a canvas on top of my paint and I wonder how much I could charge for a real, live, fake Warhol of a pet?

Andy Warhol On Blemishes

Andy Warhol, in his Philosophy, distinguishes between temporary blemishes, and those that intrinsically mar your appearance. He maintains that should, for instance, one have an overwhelmingly large nose for their face, this is apparent to everyone as something that is rather unfortunate, and needs not to be acknowledged. Temporary blemishes, however, should be acknowledged so that your companions understand that the way you look just at the moment is not indicative of the way you look normally.

With that said, let it be known I have far more pimples than usual of late, but this is not normal, and I’m sure it’s due to stress, and not a permanent disfiguration by any means.