All You Need is Boob

We discovered early on that Quinn really likes music. Whenever he gets fussy, you can (usually) distract him with a song.

That said, one gets pretty tired of Frère Jacques and the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

So we improved upon appropriated some popular songs to add to our repertoire.

If he’s getting cranky waiting to nurse…

All I need is a miracle…all I need is boob!

(sung to the tune of Mike and the Mechanic’s All I Need Is a Miracle)

And then when he gets to nurse…

You got the teat, you got the teat…
Yeah! You got the teat!!

(sung to the tune of The Go Go’s We Got the Beat)


If you like it then you should have put a boob in it.

(sung to the tune of Beyoncé’s classic Single Ladies)

Of course what goes in, must come out. So it’s important that we have equally silly songs for the zillions diaper changes.

My favorite (and Will’s least favorite) is the disco-fabulous and non-sensical…

Diaper, diaper man
Quinn wants to be a diaper man

(obviously the Village People’s Macho Man)

And sometimes, the right time to pee is while you’re on the changing table. That’s especially fun because then Mom and Dad get to clean it up. This occasion deserves…

Oh, let him pee, let him pee, let him pee, let him pee
Make some pools of urine, let him pee…

(do I need to tell you that this is the Beatle’s Let it Be??)


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