If he’s buying her skittles, that could mean he’s just plain guilty or he really likes her.

Today before school, Doug asked Natalie if she knew why M dumped him. I was there. Nat and I were thouroughly confused and we questioned him. He said that last night, M called him & dumped him. I was hurt because Em hadn’t talked to me about it

Not to worry, folks. 8th grade me is on the case.

Well after advise. I talk to M and she denies doing it. It was really wierd. At lunch we asked everyone where they were at 4:30 yesterday afternoon which is when the call took place. Everyone denied it. After school M tells me about how Becki R.’s mom got a phone call from a person, a girl, who wanted to talk to Becki so they could get Doug’s #! Well, I had it all figured out. I figured it was Ana. It all fit. But then tonight, Em got a call from Joe P. who told her to call Doug. He claimed to be one of Doug’s friends. M called Doug and yep, that’s right, Doug doesn’t know any such person. Now I’m not so sure that Ana did it. I’m just confused. Who would want to mess with M’s life like that? At first I thought that someone liked Doug or M and wanted to break them up, but now, after the second phone call, I have no idea!

Nothing’s been happening in my life. Jordan and I are a lot better friends now. He’s a loner in P.E., and sometimes, I’ll go talk to him, or he’ll come talk to me. I’m not very good friends with Doug though. He’s kinda withdrawn. He doesn’t get hyper like us. We’ve all been eating together. Dave steals food from everyone. He stole Nat’s whole lunch, so he bought her some skittles. That scared me.

Taste that terrifying rainbow!

If he’s buying her skittles, that could mean he’s just plain guilty or he really likes her. Then there’s Katie. He’s always taking things out of her backpack and it makes me suspicious. I’m not even sure if I like Dave though. I’m positive he doesn’t like me. Dave & I basically ignore each other in P.E. We might as well be in different periods. I need to find someone to fall in <3 with. At lunch, I was sitting next to a guy who was cute. I have no idea who in the hell he was. In fact, I don’t know who in the hell any of the people who eat with us are. There’s just too many! I don’t like it. I wish it was just the six of us and a few more. But, since everyone has the same lunch, the group fills up to two tables. Mostly girls. It’s like 6 guys to 15-20 girls. Which isn’t good, since Dave flirts with every one of them. Oh well. I got my picture taken today, and tomorrow, I get to try out the tuba at lunch! That’ll be cool.

8th grade me putting her second year of French to good use.

Au revoir,

Jennifer Heller

(I hope you can read this)

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  1. wow! That was such a candid view of kid anxiety. Love it! “…he bought her skittles. That scared me.” Confusion is scary, but also wonderful, right? That’s why they pay me to be wrong and confused all day, since it’s great.

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