We’re the big ones. We rule the school.

Friday, 3-19

For some reason, newly 13-year-old Jen thinks it’s March, even though this entry falls between two August entries and she talks about going back to school. What gives?

Hello! Tomorrow afternoon, I get to hop on a plane that’s going to take me to Colorado. A week later, I will be on a plane back here. The monday after that, I will be getting my schedule. Another week will fly by, and after four more days, the four last days of rest and relaxation, I’m back into a place called school, but more commonly referred to as hell. LUCKY ME!

No, I’m kidding. School won’t be that bad. I’ll get to see everyone I’ve missed so terribly over the summer. And I’ll get to meet a whole new set of teachers. A year of studying and socializing (my favorite part!) will follow. I like school, but I don’t like the beginning. I don’t like not being secure in the fact of knowing everybody in your classes. I like the 2nd quarter and the rest of the year. You know everybody, you know your teachers. You follow the same routine daily. I don’t like change! But change is necessary. I’m in 8th grade! I can’t believe it! When I was in 6th grade, all the eighth graders looked so huge. And now, all the sixth graders are going to look so small! We’re the big ones. We rule the school. We’re the ones who look big to the younger students. In a year, I’ll be 14 and in high school! I swear, it’s happening so fast. Too fast. Oh, well.

I swear I will have a boyfriend

I SWEAR, that I shall have had a boyfriend before I turn 14!

I SWEAR IT!? !? !?

Hopefully yours,

Jennifer Heller

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