I want it to end, so I can sleep in.

We went to see the house again. It’s only a few blocks away. I wish that the money would hurry up and come so we could get it. Mom + Dad had a big fight today. Mom doesn’t want to go back to work, but it looks like she’ll have to. But, now everything’s ok between them.

Tomorrow is the first dress rehearsal. The play is on Wed. I pretty much know my lines and I’m not really nervous.

This week is my last week in summer school. I want it to end, so I can sleep in. But I don’t want it to end ’cause then I’ll have nothing to do.

For some reason, I really miss Em. I haven’t talked to her since Wednesday. I guess it’s kinda that I had alot of company 4 a week — from Beck, and now I’m all by my lonesome. I’ve tried to call Em, but she’s not home. I wanted to do somethin yesterday or today but she wasn’t home. Maybe tomorrow.



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