Lend Me Your Opinion: To sleep or not to sleep through a robbery?

G. and I had a bit of a disagreement the other day.

She related a tale of a poor soul asleep with noise canceling headphones on. The noise canceling headphones helped her sleep, and sleep she did…all the way through the robbing of her house.

G. said, “How scary is that?! To sleep soundly while your house is robbed?!!”

But I disagreed. Wasn’t it, after all, the best way to have your house robbed?! To sleep peacefully through it, and wake only to the aftermath?

Thank goodness, we agreed, she wasn’t hurt.

Whatchu think?

P.S.: As a child, I once slept through our house catching on fire, fire trucks, firemen…I slept through it all. And it rocked. Nowadays I don’t sleep through much, and it is a total bummer. Last night I awoke in a panic that there was an earthquake…but it was just my cat vigorously attacking fleas and shaking the bed. But let’s be honest…I’m probably a little jaded and would rather sleep through more than I do.

P.P.S.: If you’re a light sleeper like I am, try a sound machine. It’s fantastic.

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