What a great day! Skating was hella cool!

What a great day! Skating was hella cool! Em, Nat, me, Dave and Jorday came. I had a great time skating around with my friends. Dave didn’t end up getting me anything, but I got a present in a way.

We spent about half the time inside talking. A few times, I found myself talking to Dave alone while we skated. I also talked to everyone a lot. I hope this pen starts to work.

The pen isn’t going to work.

Back 2 skating…

Once, my skate was really bothering me, so I went to sit on the bleachers to fix it. As I took of my skate, I wished that Dave would come sit by me. He skated by, stopped and joined me! There was an awkward silence for a few seconds. Then we saw Jordan + Em skating towards us. Dave said that he wondered what they’d been doing. It was so funny!

Then everyone was around us. Dave and I (I like that phrase) kept making jokes and laughing. Everyone else looked pissed ’cause they didn’t know the joke. It was really cruel of us, especially with the way Nat. has been feeling about her relationship with Jordan. But I was so wrapped up in the fact that I had been alone with him for a few minutes too realize we were hurting Natalie. So I made Dave apologize, and I apologized numerous times. I feel bad. But, I called earlier and she said it was ok. I know she felt betrayed. I’m sorry, Natalie.

At the end of the session, we had a major snowball fight. After that was over Dave and I (there’s that phrase again!) did that thing where you hold hands with the right hands held, and left hands held, and try to go in a circle. It didn’t work too well. But, HE asked me to do it with him. I thinks that cool!

When I talked to Em after the skating thing, she said a lot of stuff about Dave and I. (My phrase) She said that she caught him checking me out a few times. She also said that whenever I was talking to Jordan, he’d get a look on his face, and skate over. I hope desprately that she’s not stretching the truth. She’s my best friend (or one of them) and sometimes to a friend things seem better than they are. But I hope that it’s true. Believe me, I do. Maybe there is some chance for us after all.

J.G.H.H. <3s D.E.S.

Au revoir!

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