Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

I had a happy one. I got to go to Dave’s. It was really cool. Here’s how it went:

I arrived at Dave’s house about 7:10. I had forgotten the house #, and had to guess the right one. I was right. Anyway, Emily was there with Doug + Dave. She looked relieved to see me. We jumped in the pool and played Marco Polo and had chicken fights. Me + M won! Anyway. About eight we got out for some food and tossed Dave’s shirt into the pool quite a few times. Then we sat down and were in hysteria, as we ate. I ended up telling them about my parents. About 8:15, Nat arrived and we went in the spa after about 5 min. So we were talking 4 awhile. Then Nat dared Dave to tell us who he likes. He claimed he doesn’t like anyone. So then it was truth or dare time. Dave asked me next how far I’d go with a guy. I answered Natalie then I dared Doug, I think, to kiss Em. Or rather peck M. They did it. Then later on Doug who is obviously in on getting us together, dared Dave to peck me. We had to get out of the spa then and we went out in the street to wait 4 the fireworks. Then Dave pecked me on the second try the first try we kinda messed up and didn’t do it. So pecked him. Then the game didn’t continue till after the fireworks. We got back in the hot tub and continued. I was dared to jump in the cold pool and swim a few laps. Emily was going to dare me to do something like kiss Dave, but there were adults around. So I dove in and swam the laps. Adults were standing all around, and since no one was in the pool, it was embarressing. But I don’t mind. I just loved those moments when the eyes are on me. My form is pretty good, so it’s not like I was dog paddling or anything. Then I got back in the spa and soon my mom arrived. Oh wait! Didn’t I tell you? GREAT news! It doesn’t look like the parental units are going to split up. They talked about it for hours yesterday and they’ll be okay for a little while longer.

Anyway, back to the party. Quite a few times I noticed that after Dave made a joke or something, he’d look at me. I was sure to laugh at all his jokes and they’re funny too! It was really cool being with the guys. They’re so easy to talk to. It’s like being with a bunch of friends. I hope Dave considers me a little more than a friend. He’s so sweet and funny. He wants to be a comedian or an actor since lately I’ve been into acting there’s something we have in common. I was alot more open this time. I hope I was fun to be with. He’s going to be at ice-skating on Weds. So’s Emily. And of cours Nat. And hopefully Jordan.

Summer-school starts tomorrow! I really don’t want to go! I hope I know someone in my class! Anyone at all. It starts at 7:50 and ends at noon! What a waste of half the day!

Gotta go!


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