Anyway all morning I was really nervous. But everything turned out OK.

Well, it couldn’t exactly be classified as a double date. It was more of a get together with 2 girls + 2 guys, at the movies. Emily and I came together and the guys came together. We got there at 2:30, which was when we had agreed to meet. We bought our tickets 4 the 2:40 showing of City Slickers 2, and headed into the lobby. We bought food at the concession stand, and proceeded towards a bench to wait 4 the guys. It was about 2:35.

We waited. Emily went to the bathroom and returned. Soon after we spotted the guys. They bought their tickets and joined us in the lobby. After Doug had bought food, the three of us ditched Dave and began to enter the theatre. Quickley Dave caught up with us. We strolled down the aisle looking 4 an emty row. There were a great many of them. We chose one. Emily took the second seat from the aisle, I grabbed the one on her right. Em shoved Doug into the aisle said which forced Dave to sit next to me.

After a few previews, a sad advertisement for the garbage can came on. Everyone remarked at how pathetic it was. I had bought Sour Patch Kids. About 20 minutes into the movie, I accidentally inhaled a few grams of sweet n’ sour sugar. The effect was a few sneezes.

Sour Patch Kids

Little known danger of Sour Patch Kids: “a few sneezes”

About halfway through the movie Dave’s Reese’s Pieces spilled all over. Dave’s face was a tomato and Doug doubled over with laughter. Em struggled to keep from laughing and I laughed slightly and asked Dave what happened.

A while later the movie ended. The guys went to the bathroom and after realizing that that was where they had gone, we went there too. Em’s mom had been waiting outside for forty minutes and was not very happy. We dropped Dave off and went to Doug’s house. He told us that he was planning to move near Dave. Doug went bye-bye. We went to M’s house and then to ours. And now my feelings on the matter:

Wasn’t that account of my adventure just fascinating? I’m really wierd. Anyway all morning I was really nervous. But everything turned out OK. I’m not even dissapointed. I mean he couldn’t have asked me out. It was just a movie. Did you know that Dave’s brother was fifteen and that he has made all four of the holes in the walls of Dave’s house? the holes all happened because his brother was pissed at Dave. Emily made a complete and utter fool of herself in the car. Just Joking. (kinda!) I had a really great time today. I can’t wait till next time!


City Slickers Movie Ticket

The souvenir from my very first double date.

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