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We have a new website up at Artsy Geek. You see, we’ve grown a lot over the past few months. We needed a new site to better showcase our many merits and, you know, turn visitors into loyal, happy customers.

That’s the goal anyway. If I had known what lay ahead when I had started this business with the intent to grow it, I don’t know that I would have ever taken the plunge. It is a constant adventure, emotional roller coaster and, always, a learning experience.

Despite the constant challenge and struggle of the present, I know I am so lucky to have the support and community of coworkers. Almost instantly I went from one and a half full-time workers to over four! And I work closely and well with people I not only admire but adore.

I’m noticing that with this new support, I feel like I can finally breathe. Maybe I can make it to pilates or the pool once a week (exercise!) and relax in the evenings. Maybe I can keep up with all the bursts of inspiration I’m itching to share on this site.

Maybe I can catch up on my personal email…sadly, sadly neglected for many months.

A bitter inner glance wonders, ‘What kind of person avoids responding to wonderful emails from the people in her life she loves??’

‘Shhh’ I try to remember to say. ‘You’re doing your best.’

As Morissey says, “It takes strength to be gentle and kind.”

This is my constant lesson. Today I am catching up. Last weekend I took some time and camped. Took some time for me. It was time.

I have high hopes of keeping up with everything better being the perfectionist that I am. Perhaps instead I will choose to have high hopes for accepting that I will fall down again…and to try to pick myself back up in a more understanding manner.

We live to dream, don’t we?

What do you neglect when you're dodging the bullets of life?

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