Goodbye Volume Two…Hello Volume Three!

On November 11th, 1993, 12-year-old me finished my first diary.  

Remember Volume One with its flowery cover and fears of middle school? How quickly 12-year-old Jen learned to swear and how sincerely she envied her friends’ boobs and periods?

About six months after starting Volume Two, 12-year-old Jen ran out of pages. Volume Two had been a riveting volume of seventh grade crushes, imaginary boyfriends, school dances, and dreams of Olympic stardom.

The vibrant paisely was not long for her world. No, it was to be replaced with Volume Three, a small book with a paper cover adorned with a cat looking pensively to the sky, asking… “Will 12-year-old Jen get a boyfriend? How about her period? Or those boobs she needs so desperately??”

Indeed we are all wondering what will be in store for 12-year-old Jen in these upcoming pages. What successes and heartbreak will these pages hold? Olympic stardom, perhaps??

Let’s find out, shall we?

Any forecasts??

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