Who’s the Awful Roommate? Smitty Flies Off the Handle

Poor Smitty is a clean guy, like me. He likes his house clean and his sink empty of dirty dishes.

Back when he was just discovering that about himself, he lived with a number of men who didn’t feel the same way.

No, they liked to leave food all over the place to rot and piled the sink to high heaven with dishes.

Smitty tried to get them to clean up after themselves. Or so he said, anyway.

And then one day, he wanted to make an egg. Such a simple desire! But there was not a clean plate or pan to be found.

He flew off the handle. He grabbed a few dirty dishes from the sink and started pelting their doors with them. It felt pretty good, so he continued until there was not a whole plate to be found.

Though he didn’t ever get his egg, he made sure that those roommates wouldn’t be leaving any more dirty dishes around the house.

Good approach to horrible roommates, or best approach ever?

2 thoughts on “Who’s the Awful Roommate? Smitty Flies Off the Handle

  1. Wow! I would never take that approach, so my initial thought is “too much!” but if it worked… hmm… maybe it was just enough? When I lived in England and shared a kitchen with 8 other people, one of my flat mates used my (only) pot while I was out of town. They completely ruined it and left it filled with rotting food. I came back to my flat with pneumonia and just wanting some soup, but couldn’t even make soup. I left a whimpy note (very similar to Friend’s Ross Gellar “Keep your mits off my grub”) that never got my pot replaced. Wah, wah.

    • Poor you!! You need a new pot. That was one thing our Roommate from Hell did ALL THE TIME…leave rotting food in pots. Thankfully they were his pots, but it was so gross.

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