Partying, Partying, Yeah!! Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Until today (coincidentally a Friday), I’d never heard Rebecca Black’s inane song, Friday.

That did not keep me from learning all the awesome tid bits …

“Front seat? Back seat?? WHICH ONE SHOULD I TAKE??”

“Gotta have my bowl…gotta have my cereal!”

And incorporating them into my life. Not a Friday goes by without a joke about our absent cereal bowls or our indecision around where to sit.

Well today seemed as good as any to finally hear her song. Alex and I just listened to it, and man, what a song. Here it is so you can experience it too:

I have to say…If I were a young person learning the days of the week from Rebecca Black, I would know that yesterday was Thursday, and tomorrow is Saturday…and even that after that we will have a Sunday. But what’s after that??!

You’re letting down young people everywhere, Rebecca. Everywhere.

Suggestion: Release a song called “Monday, Monday.” Here, we’ll even start writing it for you:

“Monday, Monday.
Back to school on Monday.
Yesterday was Sunday. Sunday.
Did I do my homework? Homework?
School, School, School, School.
Everybody’s looking forward to lunchtime, lunchtime!
Tater tots! Tater tots!
Chocolate milk up my nose!

It’s Monday…Monday…
Spitball in my hair.
Tomorrow is Tuesday. Tuesday!
Gotta do my homework! Homework.

…and so on.

Yeah, we missed our calling, eh?

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