Insult Submission!!

I’m excited to report that my request for insults has not gone unanswered!

“Nunya Business” from San Jose, CA, writes:

I met you at a few of the parties. You’re a crazy, soul destroying, manhood leeching, empty capsule of a human being’s capacity to be rational.

Granted, this was not a comment on the blog where I asked for insults, but on the one where I discussed our previous Roommate From Hell’s propensity for peeing on stuff.

So, it might be personal.

Regardless, let’s put it to the test. As I wrote the other day, I propose that all really good insults need to be…


Assuming that this insult was meant for me, we can fairly assess its effectiveness.

Was this terrible? Well, it did make me feel pretty lousy. Except I’m pretty sure it’s from my ex Roommate From Hell, so you have to consider the source. Also, you can’t make an omelet without breaking any eggs. FYI.

Was this haunting? Nah. I’ve already forgotten it.

Insulting? Vaguely. “Empty capsule of a human being’s capacity to be rational.” What does this even mean? I don’t feel very empty. On closer look, I don’t think this makes sense. That makes me laugh. FAIL!

Nefarious? Reading your ex-roommate’s blog and posting insults? Nah. That’s child’s play.

Katabolic? Not at all. Thanks for the fodder for the blog, buddy.

Do you have an insult to share? One that cut you to the bone? Let's hear it!

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