Reader Submissions!

YES! The text boxes are working! Thank you, dear readers, for filling them out.

Reader #1 says…

U should be on TV

We agree!!

Reader #2 says…

have you seen this?

you’re welcome.

No!! I hadn’t. That is awesome. Thank you!!

Reader #3 shares…

I miss you MOMUC!

And I miss you, FOMUC. What is this? Glad you asked. When I was in college, I lived for years in a triple room in a co-op. I went through about 12 or so wonderful roommates back then… Two of them were named Blake and Tom and together we made a baby that remains unborn. Thinking about it now, that’s a little weird, but back then it seemed like a good joke… I call Blake and Tom the “fathers of my unborn child” or “FOMUC” for short. And they call me “MOMUC.”  We were sure brilliant back then.

And finally, Reader #4 says…

MAGIC…you’re an airstt, Tasha! Being partly Scottish too, I’m a sucker for tartan, and as for Jen’s big brown eyes – perfect. Must say, I didn’t notice that the bride atop the wedding cake was way too large

Hmmm… well, Reader #4…you have left me speechless. And that is hard to do!

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