Holiday Breakdowns

Last night I headed over to my girlfriend’s house for some empathy.

You see, my boyfriend and I were having disagreements about the correct path for our relationship to take. This had gone on for a number of days (or months depending on how you count it) and my patience was up and the tears were a-flowing.

When we’d moved on to lighter subjects, she shared that earlier that day, while sitting around a table of four girlfriends, each in turn shared their holiday breakdown. How perfect that mine would round out the day!

The holidays are a time of stress and joy, hangovers and presents, holiday parties and heartache. They are chock so full of ups and downs that it feels like the few weeks last a year themselves.

This year I was so determined to do it right and stress-free that I started the presents spreadsheet before Thanksgiving and had most presents wrapped a week before Christmas. Even that level of preparation did not keep a breakdown at bay.

From now on, I will rest assured that each holiday season, there will be a breakdown. No matter how I mentally and physically prepare, it is a taxing season that lends itself to breakdowns.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Let’s accept reality as is, shall we?

What was your holiday breakdown?

3 thoughts on “Holiday Breakdowns

  1. Oh yes, holiday breakdowns are just a way of life! We all drank too much which led to my brother flirting with my neighbor who then hooked up with another neighbor! Still getting calls and texts about it. How’s that for holiday drama? lmao. Hope all turns out well for you my friend!

    • @lunaraven13 That sounds like such dramatic fun!! As a lover of soap operas, I was counting my blessings that I had another holiday season that didn’t wind up at a hospital… I don’t know how those people deal with all their hospital visits. (I know, they’re fictional.) But your story sounds straight out of a soap opera!! Love it and thanks for sharing! 😀

      • @JenniferHeller One year we had 4 people who either went to the hospital just before or on Christmas. It was a mess! This year was very soap opera. And comical. Well, for me anyway!

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