Oakland Nights LIVE!

My old friend Jeremy got a bee in his bonnet to have a talk show. At first I was super jealous. After all, it was just over a year ago when I went through a disastrous dry run holding my own live talk show. I had to put off my dreams of producing my own talk show. Who was I to object to Jeremy following his?

Especially when he invited Will and I to be guests for Cocktail Corner with the Lushes in Love.

His set was amazing. His guests were amazing — hilarious and educational. And at the end, the whole audience shared a round of Oakland, by the Goodtime Washboard Three.

“Of all the pretty cities she’s the leader
And don’t forget the tube to Alameda!
She has pride, she has hope, and Oh! What a view!
Oakland, we’re for you!!
Oakland, we’re for youuuuu!”

No, there’s no beating that.

Check out the photos of our Cocktail Corner.

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