Life Lessons: Pumpkins Rot

I carved a fantastic cocktail glass (GLOAT!) in a pumpkin the day before Halloween. That was a Sunday. I put it on a shelf in my kitchen, and could not wait to display it at our Lushes in Love Cocktail Lounge Salon that coming Friday. Could not wait.

Friday came. My house guest and great friend Jen E. called me while I was out running errands. “The pumpkin is rotted!” she proclaimed. “And there are flies everywhere!!”

“But it’s for tonight!! OH NO!” I was perplexed. I hate flies, but I loved my pumpkin.

“It has to go outside.” She was not going to budge. I growled into the phone for a little bit and then finally agreed.

Thank god I did. It’s five days later and we’re still battling the flies everywhere.

GROSS. No wonder people normally keep them outside.

I'm an idiot, right?

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