She’s trying so hard to be friends w/ me almost to hard.

Tonight I had my parent conference. My report card looked like: PreAlgebra – A, French B-, PE – D, History- B, LA – B+, Science – B. Which averaged to a 3.0! Have you ever seen such sucky grades? I don’t care, though. Next qtr. will be better, I swear. I got a 98% in Pre Algebra, and while I was talking w/ Mrs. Smith, she said that I should try for 100! That was my best grade and she wants better?! Oh, well. She’s going to get what she wants.

Today I went ice skating w/ Alexis and guessed who popped up? Erin C.! I don’t know that much about her, but she seems sweet! Anyway Alexis kept ditching me to go talk to her. Man, I was about to cry, I swear. I guess it is my turn, since Alexis and Emily left that way last night at ice skating.

Becky’s parent are getting a divorce! Becky must be going through such pain. I’m sorry I can’t be there for her, but I am in spirit.

Alexis’s parents said that if she gets a “C” on her report card, she can’t go to Hawaii which is her b-day present. She’s getting a “C” in French! Plus, when she told her dad about the “C”, he said, “Well, I’m almost glad you’re not coming!” Talk about insensitive! Alexis is going to run away. Not alot, just so her parents will realize they’re hurting her and stop. Fuck her parents.

Emily’s been sick. This weekend she’s going to R-ranch, w/ her GS troop, so I won’t be seeing much of her. Or of anybody. Maybe I’ll invite Erika H. over….

Jessica calls alot. It’s so wierd talking to her on the phone. She’s trying so hard to be friends w/ me almost to hard. She invited me over. I couldn’t go ’cause Alexis was over, but stop trying so hard, Jessica….

Questions? Comment? Cigars? Cigarettes?

2 thoughts on “She’s trying so hard to be friends w/ me almost to hard.

  1. Starring Becky McKinley Banda, Emily Hardy, Erin Chan and Jessica Carlson or Jessica Patak. Sorry Jessicas…I don’t know which one!!

  2. My parents were getting divored in 7th grade? Weird, they were also getting divorced in 9th grade and the summer after 10th. Lol. All three times is never happened.

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