I’m so confused. I really like Andrew C. Last year he liked me. Does he still? I hope he does.

I’m so confused.  I really like Andrew C.  Last year he liked me.  Does he still?  I hope he does.  Ana is such a BITCH!  I hate her more than words can express.  I wish she would curl up and die.  I swear I do.  I would not be sad in the lesat bit if she died.  Except maybe cause I didn’t have the chance to kill her!

Erica G. said that she heard two people that she didn’t know very well talking about my liking Andy.  This was in the beg. of the school year.  I wonder who? Erica knows most of my friends, so…

Alexis said that my liking Andy was “old news.” What is that supposed to mean?  Really! She shouldn’t talk, though.  She likes Steve M. You know that already, huh? Oh, well.  Nicole H. is going out with Tyson B., who is the most popular guy at PMS.  I see them before lunch, Frenching! Today I learned (From Ana who wasn’t supposed to tell) that she likes Kevin Spinner!  After the boyfriend she has Kevin (Geek alert!) would be a major dissapointment.

Emily gave me her monkey stuffed animal.  That was nice of her!  She’s been a real friend lately.

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