Sounds like, appropriately enough.

I received a stuffed envelope addressed to “MS. Jenniffer Heller” in the mail last week. Ms. Jenniffer Heller of “Artsy Greek Designs.”

OK, so it’s a promotional letter from some people who managed to get both the spelling of my first name and the name of my company wrong. It’s not the first time it’s happened, though it is the first time I’ve caught wind of “Artsy Greek.” Normally it’s “Artsy Geeky” or some such.

I open up the package and double over with laughter.

“Dear Ms. Heller,”

Yes!  They got that part right!

“Surprised to see the Artsy Greek Designs name on the enclosed Regatta Horizons Duo Diary sample?  Looks impressive, does it?”

I inspected the sample more closely.

Wait, that's not our name or our phone number!

I was definitely impressed.  The letter went on…

“Why just send a pocket calendar when you can make a really big impression?  The Duo Diary is two gifts in one – a pocket calendar and notepad.”

The question they didn’t address that’s worth asking…why send a pocket calendar at all??

But, you know, these pocket calendars are printed with erroneous information in gold.  I do like gold.

I received this letter dated "August 2011" with its limited time offer in October.

Only $1.99 each??  What a steal.  What do you think?  Essential tax-deductible purchase or the most essential tax-deductible purchase ever??

Lets hear from the peanut gallery, eh?

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