I need your honest opinion

I just redesigned this entire site and now I regret it.  I’m daydreaming of a b&w vertical layout with informative sidebars and easier navigation.  Keep in mind, I still haven’t finished redesigning this site; I haven’t gotten to the About page filled with little clouds of adventures…

I’m in dire need of your honest opinion.

Do you hate the new layout? Is the sideways scroll thing too weird?  Does it not look right on your monitor?  It is pretty crazy, I know.

And why aren’t you commenting anymore?? (Except BoAe, Cortney, Elizabeth, Mom and Jordan who are awesome and got accounts for me. xoxoxoxox. Oh and the Livefyre staff.  You guys are awesome).

But the rest of you, what’s up? Is it personal? Do I have a body odor problem? Cause it’s possible that I do on very hot October days but really please don’t hold that against me on the internet.  In person sure, but on the internet??

Here’s a textbox. Tell me the truth. If you hate it, I’ll change it. If it needs to be more user friendly, I’ll change it.  If you’re bored with me, that’s cool, I just need to know.

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4 thoughts on “I need your honest opinion

  1. I dislike the side bar scroll thingy, and I don’t comment because I haven’t started avidly following your blog yet! Make me a believer.



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